mad ibomma


Cast: arne Nithin, Sangeet Shobhan, Ram Nithin, Sri Gauri Priya Reddy,
Director: Kalyan Shankar

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Ashok (Narne Nitin), Manoj (Smash Nitin), and Damodar (Sangeet Shobhan) joined a designing school. They become three companions. Ashok talks less. Somewhat of a contemplative person type! He loves Jenny (Anantika Sanil Kumar). What’s more, to him? Manoj plays with young ladies. One such kid goes gaga for Shruti (Sri Gauri Priya Reddy). For what reason did that young lady move away from him? Is it close once more? Or on the other hand? An obscure young lady composes a letter to Damodar who is emphatically persuaded that young ladies could do without him. She chats on the telephone consistently. Who she is the job of Radha (Gopika Udayan) in this story?

Manoj, Ashok, Damodar… each of the three are a gathering! Its name is Frantic (Distraught)! Leaving their romantic tales to the side… How did the seniors seething them in school? What’s going on with JC School? How did they respond when they became seniors? It ought to be seen on the cinema.

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