Jailer ibomma


Cast: Rajinikanth, Ramya Krishnan, Shiva Rajkumar
Director: Sudipto Sen

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Jailer Movie Story:

The upcoming Indian film “Jailer” stars Ramya Krishnan and Rajinikanth. The plot of the movie centers on a jailer and the difficulties he has running a prison. The complicated interactions between the convicts, the jail personnel, and the jailer himself are explored throughout the plot. The film examines the personal adventures and transformations of the convicts inside the prison walls because they come from distinct origins and have various tales.

Movie Details:

Movie NameJailer 2023
GenreAction, Drama
CastDr. Rajinikanth, Ramya Krishnan, Shiva Rajkumar, Vinayakan, Yogi Babu, Mirnaa, Vasanth Ravi
DirectorNelson Dilipkumar
WriterNelson Dilipkumar
ProducerKalanidhi Maran
Production HouseSun Pictures
MusicAnirudh Ravichander
Release Date11 August, 2023


Rajinikanth plays the part of the severe yet kind jailer who is responsible for upholding order and discipline inside the prison. His personality changes significantly as a result of his interactions with the prisoners and his learning about their life.

Ramya Krishnan plays a social worker who frequently visits the prison in her role as the actress. She is essential in defending the rights of the prisoners and assisting their successful reintegration into society after serving their terms.

The movie brings together Ramya Krishnan’s skill and Rajinikanth’s legendary presence to create a compelling story that examines themes of redemption, human connection, and societal challenges. The fascinating storyline and powerful performances of the key actors promise to make “Jailer” an engrossing and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

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